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A lightweight backpacking stove

Friday, February 7th, 2020

We assembled some steps to choose the best lightweight backpacking stove. Because there are a lot of choices. In the backpacking world, brand is key. A lightweight backpack stove is very handy in survival for 1-4 weeks. More and more people are enjoying a vacation were they life in the mountains, wilderness or even jungle for some weeks. Because of this, you need good and solid equipment. They way to survive such long stays in the wild is to take some security measures which we will tell you.

The most important part to keep a human going is food. Food can be made with a stove. What is more convenient than a lightweight stove to bring along on your adventures? Some of the most lightweight and convenient products out there can be found here. This is a great review about stoves. We also made three tips to bear in mind when enjoying the wild:

  1. Less is more. The best tip we can give you is to bring as less stuff as possible. When you are traveling for 3-4 weeks in the wild, the last thing you want to worry about is the heavy burden of a backpack. You want to walk and travel as light as possible. Remember you do not need luxury items, only the basics will do. Bring a lightweight towel, food is stored in a sealed container and some tooth brushes + paste, that’s it!
  2. Whenever you are going to camp in a tent or not; you always neet good shelter. A good night sleep during your holiday is very important, especially the you are going for a long trip the next day. There are several light weight tents out there and we highly recommend using them. Because a good lightweight tent is just as a light stove; you won’t even know you have it with you.
  3. Sleep equipment. Another lightweight attribute next to shelter is a good sleeping bag. A good holiday or trips start with a good night of sleep. You will have to find a balance between weight, comfort and packing volume. Again, always take the essentials, not the luxury items!

See some of the tools that interest you click here.

Daring Night Life and Cheap Hostel Tel Avi

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Tel Aviv’s Adventurous Side and Cheap Hostel Tel Aviv South, North and City Center of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the center of all metropolitan happening in the entire of Israel. Hence Tel Aviv is distinct for being pompously worldly, absolutely sexy and pulsating with radical energy. In order to cope and get by this overpowering vibe of the city, one must risky yet RESPONSIBLE and smart.

Hostel Tel Aviv: Bars and Clubs

In Tel Aviv, bars and clubs normally close at 7am. In between, people roam around freely at the beach and clubbing district of Tel Aviv. A great percentage of the partying crowd are students hopping from one bohemian cafe to the cutting-edge sushi fusion restaurants.

With these lively and seemingly never sleeping visitors of Tel Aviv, cheap hostel Tel Aviv is also open 24 hours and guests are allowed no curfew.

Hostel Tel Aviv: Famous Collection of Bars, Cafes and Clubs

The south of Tel Aviv is famed for bars and clubs make up the daring nightlife that Tel Aviv has to offer. A cheap hostel Tel Aviv nearby this southern part of Tel Aviv is open round the clock. This area is bounded by four famous bars namely, Abraxas, Nanutchka, Jackson and Gilda.

Abraxas is a place for all night dancing and partying.

Nanutchka is a Georgian restaurant with a small square plaza-like front yard with white umbrellas. This place has become famous for the impromptu dancing happening nightly.

Jackson on the other hand is famous for being bohemian and artistic. There are charcoal sketches, murals and the bar features indie band.

Gilda has been known for the funny combination of alternative music such as Coldplay, Nirvana and Israeli Music. Although a little bit hardcore, this bar is the only one with the revolving purple disco ball among the so many bars in Tel Aviv.

On the north side of Tel Aviv, where a cheap hostel Tel Aviv can also be close by offers another collection of bars, cafes and clubs. There are also four famous bars in this area namely Kibbutz Eliezer, 223,and Mate.

Kibbutz, is a laid-back place where most of the customers come to smoke nargileh.

Eliezer on the other hand is famous among the partying and loud young crowd.

223 is an interesting place for being the hub of all bartenders after their work. This is a retro themed bar which plays song of the 80’s. Tattooed women wearing long sundresses and men in suspenders flocked at 223.

Mate is a famous hang-out for the adults, especially with its shelf of aging liquor bottles.

Right at the city center, a cheap hostel Tel Aviv and two daring bars are located – 70 Pilim and Sex Boutique.

70 Pilim is the place where the most beautiful, classy and fashionable convene. This bar is always jam-packed with the party owls. The place is all smoky and decorated with colored lights. Parties begin as early as 4pm and end until the sun rise again.

Sex Boutique is said to be the “Amsterdam” of Israel. “Toys for adults” are being sold at the basement, while erotic pictures adorn the walls of the bar.