Hostel Tel Aviv made for young backpackers coming to tour Tel Aviv. Sleep good, eat a nice healthy breakfast, meet people
from everywhere and enjoy the maximum the city has to have. Staff of our hostel will make sure you get the best out of Tel Aviv.
We will  make sure you eat well, find the cool Bars and Cafes, enjoy the best dance clubs and much much more.
Hostel Tel Aviv is not just a hostel, it is the backpacker home for Travelers coming to Tel Aviv.
Our price may be a bit more then other hostels, but we make sure your bed is new and comfy, that you meet people
who are like you and not just the cheap hostel where backpackers of lower level/locals can be found.
Hostel Tel Aviv is secured accommodation and we pride ourselves to keep you safe, clean and cotent.
Contact us for more information.
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