City Hostel Tel Aviv

City Hostel Tel Aviv

Hostel Tel AvivThe best city hostel Tel Aviv is located right in the heart of Tel Aviv city center primarily because, Tel Aviv is best enjoyed when just strolling around by foot or for a more interactive way, through bike rentals.

City hostel Tel Aviv is a good starting point to the main roads of Tel Aviv city center. The main roads of Tel Aviv are constructed linked to each other. This makes it convenient for any traveler to get around the city by foot. The first major road is theDizengoff Road. This street has numerous shopping malls, laid-back coffee shops and luxurious shops. This street is also famous among the locals as the street of bridal gowns. The main landmarks in the street are Dizengoff fountain andDizengoffCenter shopping complex. A Hebrew saying has it that “To Dizengoff” means to go window shopping and drink coffee with friends.

A good ten-minute walk from a city hostel Tel Aviv, passing through Dizengoff is another major road namedIbn Gvirol Street. TheCity Hall ofTel Aviv and the Kikar Rabin orRabin Square is located at this street. Both fine-dining and inexpensive restaurants, as well as some cafes and establishments such as banks and atms flocked this street.

Another direction to take from a city hostel Tel Aviv would be the direction to the beach. The Mediterranean coastline in tel Aviv seems like a major street since Israelis do many recreational activities along the shore. Tayelet is the beach frontage the streets and taking the direction of theshore ofTayelet by foot would take anyone to the oldenport ofJaffa. The oldenport ofJaffa is flocked with bars overlooking theMediterranean Sea.

Hayarkon Streetis another major road by the beach. Numerous and affordable city hostel Tel Aviv to the most expensive luxurious accommodation is found atHayarkon Street. Going back to the streets fromHayarkon Street is another major road calledBen Yahuda Street. This street is flunked with souvenir shops and less expensive restaurants.

Going north from a city hostel Tel Aviv by foot will take travelers to a breath-taking view of the “Beverly Hills” of Tel Aviv. This is the fashionable neighborhood of Ramat Aviv. The northern part of Tel Aviv is known for being sophisticated and a first-class neighborhood. A little intimidating, North Tel Aviv has Kikar Medina which is said to be the “Rodeo Drive” ofIsrael. Designer stores are located following the route of a circular park. The northern border of this district is an area with a Continental ambiance because of the lines of cafe along the classy Bassel square.

Hostel Tel Aviv

Going the opposite direction southwards from a city hostel Tel Aviv is Allenby Street. Allenby Street is said to be the “Thrifty Street” because it is flocked with erotic bars, bargain stalls, and stores with different colored lights. Adjoining the Allenby Street is Sheinkin Street famous for its distinctive cappuccino. Prominent Israelis and foreign visitors are to be seen enjoying a cup of cappuccino by the Sheinkin Street. Carmel Market and Nahalat Binyamin craft Market are famous place of hang-outs and wise-buys located in the adjoining streets.         


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