History of Youth Hostels in General and Youth Hostels in Tel Aviv

History of Youth Hostels in General and Youth Hostels in Tel Aviv

The considerable amount of tourists coming in the city of Tel Aviv is the young backpackers. Youth hostels in Tel Aviv emerged as an answer to these young backpackers’ clamor for the most affordable place of accommodation.

According to fact from Compton’s Encyclopedia the youth hostel movement traced its origin to a by-product of the Generation gap in Germany early in the 20th century. It was in the year of 1896 when a 21 year-old student at Berlin University, Hermann Hoffman, started a small self-improvement group. The study group often hiked through nearby woods. In 1901, several members of the group drew up a constitution, turned the organization into a hiking society. During the same year, the first hostel was established to accommodate them. The idea of hostel drastically spread to Switzerland, The Netherlands and then to Europe. In 1930 the Youth Hostels Association of Great Britain was founded. An international conference in 1932 led to the establishment of the International Youth Hostel Federation. From date onwards, the concept of youth hostels ahs drastically spread all over the world.

Fashion and Passion Plus Youth Hostels in Tel Aviv

Hostel Tel AvivTrue to this world class history of how youth hostel has come about, youth hostels in Tel Aviv is continuing to be guided accordingly to the basic and nature of what youth hostels should really be about. Hence youth hostels in Tel Aviv aim to be a home to those young and adventurous ones.

Generally youth hostels in Tel Aviv are reasonably priced, safe and have come up with the most exciting activities for the youth.

Youth hostels in Tel Aviv have all the interests of the youths in mind. For this reason, they are usually located near Dizengoff Street. Dizengoff street is one among the many famous shopping districts of Tel Aviv. Dizengoff is where the most talented and prominent designers have their boutiques established. Not far from Dizengoff is Shenkein and Yermiyahu streets; illustrious brands on the other hand can be found at the Medina Circle.

Hehashmal Street in contrast is flocked with the young, blossoming or so to speak struggling new designers. But nevertheless, these budding designers are becoming a crowd-puller to the young shoppers.

Hostel Tel Aviv: City Designer’s Market

While these streets feature fashion all year round, Tel Aviv by large holds fashion fair in the months of February and August. During this time, both the famous and budding designers showcase their collections on display for sale. This fashion fair is called City Designer’s Market. This is a never to be missed event for the traveling young backpackers of Tel Aviv. Youth hostels in tel Aviv are generally jam-packed during this season. It is highly recommended that travelers book ahead of time.

Israeli fashion is never at par with worlds’ fashion industry. In fact, Tel Aviv fashion has already made a mark through an Israeli fashion designer named Alber Elbaz. Albert Elbaz is a dress designer to the celebrities walking the red carpet during Oscars. Alber Elbaz hales from no other than the city of Tel Aviv. Israeli fashion is becoming famous for its distinct character brought about by Israeli’s true eye on beauty and trend.

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