Hostel Tel Aviv: where to go

Hostel Tel Aviv: where to go

Hostel Tel AvivA city hostel Tel Aviv is strategically located right in the heart of all the metropolitan happening in Tel Aviv.


From a city hostel Tel Aviv of one’s choice to any direction and major streets of Tel Aviv, may it be going towards the direction of the beach or going the opposites; either north bound or south bound Tel Aviv is one place of travel that offers variety of activities.


Satisfy Your Cravings

Stuff-your-own- falafels are the most affordable yet delicious grab that local and foreign travelers crave for at Ben-Yahuda orAllenby Street. For those strolling around at night, bagel toasts are highly recommended from rounf-the-clock bakeries flocking Allenby, Shuk ha-Carmel andHayarkon Street. On the other hand,Dizengoff Squarehas the falafel stands, bakeries and those familiar fast-food chains.


Those travelers who want to utilize their kitchens at city hostel Tel Aviv may rummage for cheap goodies to cook and stock away at their hostel. The Carmel Market Shuk at the Yemenite Quarter has made available homemade local goodies for bargain prize. There is also Friday Food Fair atDizengoffCenter.


Hostel Tel Aviv: Sites to Sight

Just within few walking distances from a city hostel Tel Aviv is theRothschild Boulevard is the seat of the majestic olden architecture of Tel Aviv. Late afternoon walk is best spent in this part of Tel Aviv. Restored olden architectural buildings painted in an off-white color are all gathered here. This olden district has given Tel Aviv its recognition from UNESCO as the “WhiteCity”.


From a city hostel Tel Aviv walk passed through until the end of theRothschild Boulevard and there the captivating Gutman Fountain is to be found. FromRothschild Boulevard, a continued walking would take anyone to numerous historical houses along the street.


The bohemian district of Neve Tsedek is never to be missed especially for a lovely ride on a horse-drawn chariot that can only happen in Neve Tsedek. This is the oldest Jewish neighborhood in the entire of Tel Aviv. Neve Tsedek is famous among the traveling artists.


Be Entertained

Tel Aviv is also the center for the culture and the arts of Israel. A city hostel Tel Aviv may be able to provide discounted tickets to theater performances and independent films that are authentic toIsrael.


Habima Theater features both new and classic works from both emerging and famous Israeli playwrights. Beit Lessin on the other hand features local and foreign playwrights. While Tel Aviv Cameri theater, being the biggest in the city, has simultaneous shows in English and in Hebrew.


Hostel Tel Aviv: Beach Around

From any city hostel Tel Aviv, walking to the direction of the beach will take anyone in the middle of all the beach recreations that Tel Aviv has to offer. Any major street of Tel Aviv leads to either the beaches of metzizim, Hilton, Gordon, Frischman and theJerusalemBeach; continuing farther south are the beaches ofBananaBeach, the Dolphinarium, Alma Beach and theJaffa beach.


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