Jaffa, Then and Now Plus Present-day Tel Aviv Israel Hostels

Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Tel Aviv Israel Hostels

Hostel Tel AvivTel Aviv Israel hostels aim to provide the best place of stay for the visitors of Tel Aviv, Israel. Foreign and local travelers alike frequent Tel Aviv for both its historical sites and crazy nightlife.

One particular place that is never to be missed when going to Tel Aviv Israel is the olden port of Jaffa.

The Bible has it that Jonah, the man swallowed by the fish (whale), came from Jaffa before his miraculous encounter with the whale. It is also in Jaffa that the first Christians gain knowledge of St. Peter’s miracle of bringing back life to Tabitha in Jaffa.

Since the time that the Bible chronicled Jaffa, this place has long been existed up until this present time. Jaffa has a considerable contribution to Israel’s tourism. In answer to this, Tel Aviv Israel hostels hospitality industry has drastically emerged. Tel Aviv Israel hostels abound the olden borough of Jaffa, providing the most affordable rates of accommodation.

Hostel Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Jaffa has become an in-demand tourist vacation place for its well-preserved and well-maintained ancient neighborhood flanked with art galleries, bars by the shore and restaurants serving local gastronomic delights.

Several Tel Aviv Israel hostels are just within walking distance from the main area of Jaffa. Jaffa is reachable by foot from the city center of Tel Aviv. It would only take 40 minutes to get to Jaffa from any Tel Aviv Israel hostels in city center of Tel Aviv.

From any Tel Aviv Israel hostels of one’s choice, the famous landmark to watch out for, indicating that one is already at Jaffa is the ancient Hagana Square where a towering clock stands. Hagan square is constructed by Abdul Hamod II, a Turkish Sultan, in commemoration of his 3Oth year as a ruler.

Beginning from one’s chosen hostel among the so many Tel Aviv Israel hostels, the house of Simon the Tanner could also be reached by foot. The house of Simon the Tanner is mentioned in the New Testament. The New Testament chronicled that this is where Peter first understood that the gospel message should be preached outside the Judaism confinements.

Hostel Tel Aviv: Mahmoudiya Mosque

Heading from any Tel Aviv Israel hostels towards the gigantic Mahmoudiya Mosque would take anyone amidst a Middle Eastern buffet. Mahmoudiya Mosque is famous for restaurants serving sumptuous Israeli food from different region or provinces in the entire of Israel.

Tel Aviv Israel hostels may have travel desk that can guide travelers through the Visitor’s Center in Kedumim Square. This is the hub of all foreign visiting Tel Aviv. This square has exhibits featuring archeological digs telling the history of Jaffa. Here, people sit to have picnics during the day and dance or listen with bands during the night.

Tel Aviv Israel hostels are strategically located near Jaffa primarily to take advantage of its favorable location. Jafa is an ancient harbor overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason, travelers are frequenting this side of Tel Aviv for that nostalgic beach atmosphere. Also, Jaffa is one of the world’s most ancient towns; hence, this district of Tel Aviv is famous for that romantic or warm and affectionate ambience.

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